Highland Park & The Macallan – A Duel (Free)

By Taylor & Taylor Whiskey Co. ( (other events)

Thursday, November 2 2017 7:00 PM 8:00 PM

Edrington owns two of the most famous blue chip distilleries in the world. The Macallan is the international rock star of the pair. It is the benchmark of quality, production standards and branding in the single malt category. It reeks of excellence and is the target of staggering jealousy and begrudging respect. However, this is not another rendition on David and Goliath. Highland Park, while not quite as renowned as The Macallan, has the history and the whisky to back up any claims of superior cult status it dares to make. In this tasting, Sammy Karachi and Nick Taylor will pit their respective wills and ample whisky knowledge against each other as Nick makes the case for The Macallan as the dominant cult whisky and Sammy defends the honor of the old Viking distillery from Orkney.

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